New Products FINALLY on Ebay

I've finally gotten some ipod repair parts back in stock. If you need to repair your 5th generation, 5.5 generation, or 6th generation ipod classic, click on one of the many ebay links posted around the site to get to the items I'm currently selling. I plan on putting a new youtube video up soon as well as those seem to drive traffic fairly well. For the not so adventurous or busy folks, I also am offering services to fix ipods for a nominal fee. These services are also listed at ebay. I have the following items for sale and will link them here:

  • 5th / 5.5 generation ipod video hold button assembly
  • ipod video lcd replacement screen
  • ipod video 30gb replacement battery
  • ipod video 60/80gb replacement battery
  • ipod classic front and rear cover faceplates (both black and silver)
  • ipod video clickwheel assembly
  • ipod video front and rear cover faceplates (both black and white)
  • ipod video screw sets
  • Also I have a ton of parts that I'm thinking about offloading soon because my office is starting to look more like a warehouse.
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Apple iphone 2G Power Button Repair -Flex Cable Tutorial (VIDEO)

My silent button on my Apple iphone 2G 1st Generation 8GB stopped working the other day. I thought this would be a perfect time to make a video, upload it on youtube, and post it here as well. I uploaded this video about 3 weeks ago and just got an email from them saying, "Apply for revenue sharing for your video". I'll be posting a section about revenue sharing for youtube videos in an upcoming post which will be linked here.

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