How to repair a broken ipod video lcd screen. (VIDEO)

The video below details how to repair and replace a broken ipod video lcd screen. You will need the following tools and parts:

-replacement screen
-screwdriver (I prefer a magnetic one)
-plastic or metal spudger
-ipod pry tools
-microfiber cloth (optional)

If you don't feel like watching the video on how to repair a broken ipod lcd screen read on:

Step 1: Insert plastic pry tool around all sides of the ipod.
Step 2: Once ipod is open, carefully remove battery ribbon from the ipod logic board connector.
Step 3: Open ipod like a book, it will hinge on one side. Remove headphone jack assembly ribbon and ipod hard drive connection.
Step 4: Remove six screws on both sides of ipod. Carefully push out on the clickwheel assembly.
Step 5: Use a spudger to lift up on the lcd connection.

Halfway there.

Step 6:
Install new ipod video lcd screen, do steps 1-5 in reverse order.

Ta da! You just learned how to repair a broken ipod.

Stay tuned for more tutorials and articles on how to repair broken ipods.

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